Casting for Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Auditions for Volpone are now closed and the cast will be announced shortly. Thanks to all those who came.

We are looking for Edinburgh-based actors to join our Fringe production of Casanova Dreaming. The run is for three weeks in a venue in the heart of the city.

With the support of experienced team with a track record of critically and commercially successful productions, this is an excellent opportunity for talented actors (m/f, aged 18-80) to perform for a wide audience and a range of industry professionals. Very minimal pay is guaranteed, plus profit-share if successful.

Auditions and callback are on 17, 18, 21 March.

Asleep in bed with his first true love, nineteen-year old Giacomo Casanova is visited by an old man who shows him his future - but is what he sees a promise or a warning? A one-act play depicting the famous eighteenth century libertine; a sympathetic portrait of the man and the women he became involved with. Includes sexually explicit language and intimate behaviour but no nudity.

A cast of 7 (3m, 4f) will portray more than a dozen characters.

1) Giacomo Casanova: playing age 19
2) Chevalier de Seingalt: playing age 73
3) one m playing age 30 - 50, portraying the following: Bragadin (slightly effeminate aristocrat, ca 50) / Lorenzo (jailer, 30+) / Cesare da Orsara (barber, 30+) / Sir Wellbore Agar (English aristocrat, 30s) / Branicki (Polish aristocrat, 40s). Costumes will help to distinguish the characters but the actor must be capable of significant differences in style and accent.

1) Mrs Cornelys (superior brothelkeeper, 40s) and Marquise d'Urfe (French aristocrat, 40s) - different styles and accents
2) Anna Maria (married, 29) and Cecilia (shy woman, 18) - similar appearance and style
3) Bellino (16 year old castrato) and Charpillon (courtesan, 18) - very different appearances and style; must be capable of portraying a teenage boy and singing (very briefly) in falsetto
4) Henriette (married, 20s) and Nun (20s) - strong confident women, but very different styles and appearance

Monthly meetings to review script and issues arising for the whole cast, time and place to be confirmed, April to June, plus possible character work with small groups at other times.
Rehearsals: central Edinburgh, afternoons Monday to Friday from 9th July. (not everyone will be required for all early rehearsals but the dates should be kept free until a detailed schedule is confirmed)
Get-in / Tech: 4 or 5 Aug, to be confirmed
Performances: theSpace Niddry Street Upper Theatre (Fringe Venue 9), afternoons 6 - 25 August (not Sundays).

The producers guarantee 125 per performer for the entire run, to include rehearsals. Travel and expenses will not be refunded. Refreshments will be available at rehearsal. A profit share scheme will be in place and the cast will be asked to elect one representative to review the production's income and expenditure and to ensure that promised payments are made.

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Ben Jonson's Volpone adapted by Martin Foreman

All Edinburgh Theatre

Playscript of the new adaptation
of the classic comedy, with
Mosca and Corbaccia now women

This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew involved operate under safe and fair working conditions.
Protecting Actors : SHIELD:9899

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