Expose yourself at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2019!

Are you Edinburgh- (or nearby) based theatricals with a great idea for a Fringe production? So are we.

We've booked three one-week one-hour slots at this year's Fringe in a popular venue just off the Royal Mile (theSpace on Niddry Street, venue 9). We know what we are putting on the first week (Sunset) and we have a couple of ideas for weeks two and three. But . . .

. . . these ideas may not come to fruition so we're inviting other drama types to submit their proposals. The more exciting and contemporary the idea, the more we are likely to be interested.

We (Arbery Productions) offer
• free registration at the Fringe
• free performance time at theSpace (Mon - Sat 12-17 or 19-24 Aug, slot 17.15 - 18.15)
• free rehearsal space and time (in July; limited availability)
• free printed PR material
• public liability insurance

You (theatricals) offer
• a performance lasting no longer than 45 minutes
• a show* suitable for a small cast on a small thrust stage
• director, cast, crew and script - we can help in finding some of these
• intensive PR for your show
* play or musical (music must not be nightclub / rock concert sound levels); not stand-up comedy or dance; show can be original or previously performed

Detailed conditions will be specified in contract, but in general
• the show will be promoted as Arbery Productions ("in co-operation with your company" is possible)
• all income from sale of tickets will revert to us; in the very unlikely event we make a profit we will share it with you
• no fees or expenses other than specified above will be paid to the director, cast, crew or third parties
• costumes, set, transport to and from rehearsals or venue and all other incidentals will be paid for and provided by you
• ownership / leasing of performing rights to be confirmed where applicable
• your primary contact must be based within thirty miles of Edinburgh
• director, cast and script must be approved by us

No later than Friday 1st March, send a brief proposal to us at the email address below. Include as much of the following information as possible. Early submissions will allow us to discuss the project with you and get more details before the deadline.

• Name of project (provisional title ok)
• Brief description of project (eg 35 minute two-character Greek tragedy as a sci-fi comedy)
• How many in cast / how many in crew (including director / stage manager / lighting / SFX etc)?
• Is this a new project / show or has it been performed before?
• what experience does the director / cast / crew have?
     new project: include script or outline / video link / whatever
     previously performed: include script / history / reviews / whatever
• Name / email / phone number of primary contact

Saturday 2nd - Thursday 7th March we will review proposals and may contact you to discuss details. No later than Friday 8th March, we will confirm which show(s) we are supporting. We reserve the right not to accept any proposals.

To protect your project, we will treat all submissions as confidential and will only make public the chosen production(s) when contract is signed. We will not take or develop any submitted proposal now or in future without your agreement.

We'd love to hear from you - so get in touch!

Founded in London in 2013, based in Edinburgh since 2014, Arbery Productions is an occasional group of theatre creatives with a track record of successful productions. Protecting Actors : SHIELD:9899 Supporting Edinburgh Theatre


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