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Work? Yes. Get paid? Yes, but very little

We are looking for cast and crew to work on our 2018 Edinburgh Fringe productions Casanova Dreaming and a new version of Volpone. Details of these plays can be found here.

With a track record of critically successful productions, we offer experienced actors exposure in one of the world's greatest theatre festivals and experience for those setting out on a career onstage or backstage. Most of these positions involve guaranteed but minimal payment, with the possibility of additional profit share if the plays are successful.

We are based in Edinburgh, with most rehearsals and all performances taking place in the centre of the city. Occasional meetings and rehearsals take place in the suburbs. We do not pay travel expenses but we do provide tea, coffee and the occasional Tunnock's cake.

Casanova Dreaming
45 minute play with 3-4m, 3-4f parts, 3 week run
rehearsals Mon to Fri afternoons, 9 July to 3 August
tech & perfs 14.10-15.10 Sun 6 to Sun 26 August
perf times confirmed, exact dates to be confirmed
plus monthly meetings in April, May, June

2h 15m play (inc interval) with 12-14m&f parts, 3 week run
rehearsals Monday to Friday evenings, 2 July to 3 August
tech & perfs early evenings Friday 6 to Sun 26 August
exact dates and times to be confirmed
plus monthly meetings in April, May, June

Cast click for Crew wanted now
Casanova Dreaming: 12-14 characters performed by 6-7 actors.
Most parts will be doubled, apart from Giacomo (aged 18) and Seingalt (73); other parts will be 25-50 (men) and 18-50 (women). There is a script but there will also be an element of workshopping to enable the cast to input ideas into the drama. There will be no nudity or explicit sexual acts but there will be some physical intimacy between characters, including same-sex and across generations. We are looking for talented actors who can portray very different characters with rapid changes on and off stage.

Volpone: 20 characters performed by 12-14 actors.
The language of Ben Jonson's classic comedy has been updated to the nineteenth century and two major characters - Mosca and Corbaccia - are now women. Because it is a revival of the successful 2017 Fringe production, the roles of Volpone and Mosca have been fulfilled, but all other parts will be recast, with playing age ranges from 18-80. We are particularly looking for actors with expressive faces who are comfortable with verbal and physical comedy.

will be held in March 2018, with callbacks and confirmation the same month. Look out for announcements on this website, Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, register your interest now by emailing info @
Assistant Director(s)
& Stage Manager(s)
for Fringe 2018

Ben Jonson's Volpone adapted by Martin Foreman

All Edinburgh Theatre

Playscript of the new adaptation
of the classic comedy, with
Mosca and Corbaccia now women

This production company has signed up to the Protecting Actors Fringe Charter, helping to ensure all cast and crew involved operate under safe and fair working conditions.
Protecting Actors : SHIELD:9899

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