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After a two-year delay Arbery's version of the 2,000-year-old classic The Satyricon will premiere in Edinburgh in October 2022.* The audience steps back into the past while keeping one foot in the present in this comedy of words and action, a picaresque tale that is in turns funny and thought-provoking, uncomfortable and tragic, satiric and satyric.

We're looking for 12 actors, any age (18-80), any gender and any ethnicity to bring our many characters to life.

Formal auditions will be next spring; in the meantime we are holding monthly workshops to give the co-directors and potential cast an opportunity to meet and learn from each other.

Interested? Look at and read through the sections on People - particularly the last paragraph - Stories and Themes. Still interested? Send an email to the address below with your acting CV (it doesn't matter if you don't have much experience) and a sentence telling us what you can bring to the show. If you have any questions we'll do our best to answer them.

From the applications we'll choose as varied a mix of participants as possible. The first two workshops will be in central Edinburgh, just off the Royal Mile, on Sunday 14th November and Sunday 12th December, 3pm to 6pm. There is no cost and refreshments will be provided. Appropriate COVID regulations will apply; we'll send details with confirmation.

Tell us if you can attend either or both events although we may not be able to invite you to both. Don't worry if you're not free this year. There will be more workshops in early 2022 - details will be posted later.

If you join us, you'll get a scene from the play to look over before you come. We won't allocate parts in advance so you won't be expected to learn lines but it will give you an idea what to expect. We'll use that script in the workshop to focus on physical aspects of the scene and individual characters.

Get in touch!

* The production is a joint venture with EGTG.


Mid-2022 we will be looking for crew - stage manager, stage hands, costume and wardrobe personnel, sound design - for this production. Unfortunately no pay, but a great opportunity to work on this memorable show. Details will come on social media.

@thesatyricon @thesatyriconplay @thesatyricon

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