June 2020

Night Traffic by Martin Foreman
We're trialling our podcasts. First up is Night Traffic, a short story by Martin Foreman, read by Gordon Houston. A motorway service station in the middle of the night; a young man and his lover on their way from Edinburgh to seek a new life in London.

From First and Fiftieth and other stories by Martin Foreman, available from Arbery Books.

Contributors wanted
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Content and Presentation
For this new venture we have no guidelines except that material should be entertaining and aimed at an adult audience. We will consider anything but It is unlikely that we will accept material that is limited to controversial, political or up-to-the-minute topics; we want podcasts which open minds rather than echo closed minds and which will attract audiences in months and years to come.

In addition to fiction and drama, we are looking for plot- and/or character-based comedy, including sketches, but not stand-up.

The best audio presenters (narrators / actors / comedians) have clear voices with a range of emotions, pitch and volume. Strong accents are good for character but not necessarily for general narration. If you haven't done audio work before, record ten minutes of yourself and listen carefully. Play to others and watch their reactions. If their eyes wander and they look bored, you probably have to bring more depth and energy (which doesn't always mean volume) to your piece.

Recordings should be:
• 15 to 30 minutes long, although we will consider exceptions
start with a three second room tone
• then

for Fiction
Title by Author / Read by Narrator
for Drama
Title by Author / with names of all or leading actors (but not their characters)
for Comedy
Title followed by appropriate introduction
• then another three second room tone followed by the piece
end with a three second room tone
• then

for Fiction
that was Title by Author / Read by Narrator
for Drama
that was Title by Author / with actor as character, actor as character and actor as character (if there are many actors, vary every four or five parts with something like) character was played by actor, character: actor, character etc.
for Comedy
that was Title with appropriate ending
• then a final three second room tone

Copyright / payment
During the trial period (June-July 2020) terms are as follows; they are likely to change afterwards.
If you wrote it, you keep copyright. If someone else wrote it, you confirm either it is out of copyright or you have permission from the copyright holder to create an audio version
Music / sound effects
If you wrote it, you keep copyright. If someone else wrote it, you confirm either it is out of copyright or you have permission from the copyright holder to create an audio version.
we have exclusive use of audio (online and radio) for two calendar months from the first upload as a podcast you agree not to release / authorise any other audio version (radio / online / other recording) before the end of the two calendar month period
No payment will be made by Arbery for podcasts during the trial period.

At home recording space
Assuming you do not have access to a professional studio, check online for recommendations for a permanent or temporary recording "studio", such as
• small rooms better than large rooms
• carpeted, curtains closed
• confined space muffled by blankets if possible

• maintain a consistent distance from microphone
• keep voice at similar level and tone throughout
• breathe regularly, softly and don't hold your breath
• if mistakes or external noise occur, pause three seconds then re-read from start of interrupted section
• either read from electronic device (if you have to press keyboard do so in a pause)
• or read from unstapled pages and turn silently
• see above for room tone pauses

• professional microphone is best, some inbuilt microphones may be acceptable
• sound card recommended
• pop filter/killer usually essential

Check online for recording software. Audacity is free to download (audacityteam.org/download), easy to use - or sound card or similar.
1. open Audacity program
2. click red button - it starts recording; black square stops it, two lines pause it
3. save sample/project for your use only
4. export sample/project as .wav
• mono acceptable for single readers
• stereo necessary for duos
• consult us for more than two readers / players
• ideally (but recording may still be acceptable if it does not meet these specifications) (a) measure between -23dB and -18dB RMS with -3dB peak values and maximum -60dB noise floor: (b) be a 192kbps or higher MP3, Constant Bit Rate (CBR) at 44.1 kHz.

Send a sample tape (.wav) with description of full piece to info@arberyproductions.co.uk; large files should be sent via wetransfer.com or an alternative. We will get back to you within 48 hours.

Founded in London in 2013, based in Edinburgh since 2014, Arbery Productions is an occasional group of theatre creatives with a track record of successful productions.

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